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Jeff Beck Custom Shop Strat For Sale

This is a 1999 Fender Custom Shop Jeff Beck Stratocaster built by Todd Krause. This guitar is one of 2….Jeff Beck has the other one. It was given away by Fender. I bought it from the original winner. I have all the documentation from him including a photo with him and the guitar which was posted on Fender’s Website. This is not an artist series Jeff Beck Stratocaster, this is one of only 2 made. It is a Custom Shop Strat built by Mr.Todd Krause.
The guitar was personally autographed by Jeff Beck. The guitar was autographed after the article in Frontline. It was autographed before it was clear coated but over time the clear coat degrades and the autograph is very crisp but the last 3 characters of “Beck” are slightly faded. If you want to put the guitar in a glass case it will be fine. If you want to play it, you will need to have someone re-clear the autograph. Or, if you wish rub it off and gig it.