Jeff Beck Stratocaster Midnight Purple

1993 Surf Green Jeff Beck Strat (wanting to buy)  My guitar instructor has two of the Jeff Beck strats.  Love my 91 midnight purple JB strat.

I bought this guitar from a collector that never played it. Because this
guitar was so clean and still had the plastic on the pickguard I decided to
store it and not play it. I now need to raise some capitol for a business
venture so I have to sell my collection.
This guitar features the monster neck no longer offered on this model as well
as lace sensors, including a dual lace sensor in the bridge position which is
actual 2 single coils instead of a humbucker giving you a great single coil and
a great humbucker sound in the bridge. A coil tap switch.
One of these guitars recently sold for over 2 grand

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