Jeff Beck Stratocaster Guitar

Jeff Beck Stratocaster
The neck of the guitar is not as clumsy and thick like the one of its predecessor. In addition it has a couple of new features which include Fender Noiseless Pickups and its Olympic White finsih. However, it still has the rosewood fretboard, the roller nut and the American Standard Tremolo as featured in the old model.

Fender Signature
The first Fender “Signature” was built for Eric Clapton. He was desperately looking for a substitute for his beloved, but worn-out black pre CBS-strat “Blackie”. The new instrument was tailor-made and included some individual improvements. Since this first signature instrument for Eric Clapton, the list of signature instruments for great musicians has grown. All of the individual features, that are usually not found on the serial produced products, have been retained here. Some models are manufactured in Mexico and some other more expensive examples can be found in the “Custom Artist” series.

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