Jeff Beck Strat Neck Profile

When Jeff Beck’s first signature guitar hit the streets a decade and a half or so ago, eyebrows were raised at the audacity of both Beck and Fender to put out something so… weird.

Apart from a pair of Lace Sensors joined together at the bridge, there was the neck: it was a monster! It actually felt deeper than it was wide, and the most common description was ‘baseball bat’.

Big necks do mean big tone, but there has to be some compromise in order to make a guitar do that other important thing that’s required of it – play!

Some people did find the original Beck model to their liking, and others struggled with it because they wanted to be like their hero; but the general consensus was that it was a lump too far.

So on this latest incarnation (and the later standard Beck models), out goes the huge ‘U’ of the old model and in comes a wholly manageable ‘C’ shape. Like the Clapton, Beck’s guitar has 22 frets, but here Jeff has opted for a bit more meat.

As a player renowned for his fretboard antics, it’s understandable that he would want the extra bending and vibrato facility afforded by more metal under the fingers.

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