Jeff Beck Strat Mods

I have a Gibson Les Paul Special with P-90s, A 1979 Fender Statocaster with severalmodifications and the new Jeff Beck Strat. I plan to add a Tele soon.

As befits a player of Jeff Beck’s musical stature, the Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster is a purpose-built axe. Jeff Beck is revered as much by other top players as he is by his fans; he’s truly a “player’s player.” Few guitarists on the planet can even approach the expressive tones he pulls out of his Strat. Now, you can play his iconic axe yourself! The Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster is loaded with Fender’s ceramic Noiseless pickups and features top-grade hardware, a rosewood fingerboard, and a fantastic contoured neck heel. Fender’s Custom Shop took great pains to re-create Jeff’s prized Strat, and you can enjoy the rewards!

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