Jeff Beck Strat For Sale

desirable Surf Green finish. (no neck included) This one is from a first generation Jeff Beck Signature Series Strat . This one was produced at the very end of the first generation run, which officially ended in 2000. The date stamp in the neck pocket reads 2000, the original neck (not included) was dated 1999. Add your favorite neck & strings to …

Jeff Beck isn’t your typical guitar legend. His goal, in fact, is to make you forget that he plays guitar.

“I don’t understand why some people will only accept a guitar if it has an instantly recognizable guitar sound,” says Beck. “Finding ways to use the same guitar people have been using for 50 years to make sounds that no one has heard before is truly what gets me off. I love it when people hear my music but can’t figure out what instrument I’m playing. What a cool compliment.”

Beck burst onto the music scene in 1966 after joining the Yardbirds. Although his stint with the band lasted only 18 months, Beck played on almost all of the group’s hits. More importantly, Beck’s innovative style heard on classics like “Heart Full of Soul” and “Shapes of Things” helped influence the psychedelic sound of the ‘60s.
I became a huge Eric Clapton fan when I was a teenager totally by mistake. I was listening to all the Yardbirds early hits and I thought I was listening to Eric Clapton. So did most of my friends.
In reality we were listening to Beck, (What Did We Know)
Everyone said that Eric Clapton was the first guitarist in the Yardbirds. Everyone of course was right, except that Clapton played in the original Yardbirds well before they had any hits.
The Yardbirds first hit in the USA was “For Your Love.” This song did not even have a lead break, This song was recorded between Clapton & Beck, The first time I heard Beck it was on “Heart Full Of Soul” which was awesome. We all thought we were listening to Clapton !!!!!

At the height of the Yardbirds’ popularity in 1967, Beck left the group and embarked upon unpredictable journey of musical discovery that has lasted nearly four-decades as an Epic recording artist. During that time, Beck has left his distinctive mark on hard rock, jazz-fusion and modern music history.

While many of his contemporaries are satisfied with musical inertia, Beck continues to add to his legacy as an innovator with the release of his 14th album, simply titled ” Jeff.” Produced by Andy Wright (Simply Red, Eurythmics) and mixed by Mike Barbiero (Blues Traveler, Metallica), the 13 songs on “Jeff” reflect how Beck’s fascination with electronic music continues to evolve.

“On my last album, ” You had it coming,’ I spent a lot of time in the studio with Andy Wright just toying around with different sounds. We had a great time, but I bogged down in the possibilities,” says Beck, who earned a Grammy for instrumental performance for the song “Dirty Mind” from that album. “When I went back to the studio for Jeff’ I didn’t want to get bogged down again so I brought in a few people to help push us along.”

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