Fender Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster

Product Information
The Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar, designed by Fender Musical instruments, has a contoured body that gives flexibility as well as mobility to the players. Upper back and gradual curve with a rosewood body of this Fender electric guitar gives players enough arm space to rest as well as manoeuvre. The single-ply, 8-screw hole white pick guard a unique concept that allows all of the Jeff Beck guitar’s electronic components'”except the recessed jack plate'”to be mounted on one easy-to-remove surface. Three dual ceramic coils of this Fender electric guitar give noiseless pickups. Moreover, C shape neck is neither large nor deep- a stylized evolution that makes playing Jeff Beck guitar more fun. Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar is innovative, visionary and synchronized piece of creation!

Product Identifiers
Brand Fender
Model Jeff Beck Signature Stratocaster
UPC 717669140748, 717669279134

Key Features
Guitar Type Electric

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