Jeff Beck Strat Fat Neck

The Fender Jeff Beck neck has a reputation that precedes it. As I write, just yesterday I was in my local guitar hangout, (Hi Scott, Chris and the others) and discussed this guitar. As soon as I mentioned the Jeff Beck neck – Scott chirped in ‘Oh so you want a tree for a neck then?’

Well, if you are not absolutely up to speed then that’s the assumption.

But those are the ‘old’ Jeff Beck necks. The one I chose here is from a Jeff Beck 2011 (or late 2010) model and I can tell you this neck is awesome… perfect slim(ish) feel and does not ‘choke off’ anywhere on the neck – not even at the top. The neck I bought looks like rosewood on maple. It also has a roller nut which helps with tuning.

How do you get one of these necks? Well firstly you will need lots of money – no one sells these cheap – that is, if you can even find one for sale.

This neck, with shipping and the money we here in the UK have to pay some greedy bas****s in London totaled £450.00 (US$ 700.00). Now I know you USA boys might say that’s expensive, but where I come from it’s expensive too… no only joking, actually for the UK its cheap(ish).

This neck was bought off eBay from the guy who always breaks down new strats and sells the bits. You will find him if you look. He’s not cheap, but his parts are perfect.

The Jeff Beck neck has the roller not fitted as standard so that’s one of the things I wanted because of lack of stability of tuning on strats from my experience and I really do want the best guitar in the world, right?

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